Community Mentors

Meet Some Local Community Mentors

General management professional with finance, marketing and sales experience.

John Paul Lake

Kern Venture Group

Advisor and registered representative with 15+ years of advising clients on investments and financial planning.

Sherod Waite


Committed to perpetually bettering Temblor and providing high-quality craft beer to the community

Don Bynum

Temblor Brewing Co.

Branding, Design + Strategy at Purveyor Branding Co. Level C: Certified Brand Strategist

Shannon LaBare

Purveyor Branding Co.

Mentors Help Entrepreneurs Actualize Their Small Business Ownership Dreams

With the vast knowledge of our network, mentors help build relevant, helpful, supportive resources that guide entrepreneurs in any phase of their business ownership.

Mentorships by KITE

Help Local Entrepreneurs Elevate Their Businesses

Experts Willing to be Mentors Can:

Have a Question About Becoming a Mentor?

Did you know that small business owners who receive guidance from trusted Mentors report higher revenues? It’s true! By becoming a Mentor, you can help ensure your community’s ongoing success. Get the answers to your questions here.

What Does Becoming a Mentor Using Startup Space Entail?

When entrepreneurs join KITE’s virtual community powered by Startup Space, they can connect with local leaders who are dedicated to supporting their entrepreneurial goals. As a mentor, you are reinvesting your expertise into the next generation of Kern founders.

How Do Mentors Help Entrepreneurs in Their Business Journey?

As an expert in your field, you bring years of industry-specific experience to the table. You understand the pains of starting and growing your business, and you want to share that knowledge with those willing to learn from your experience. Entrepreneurs, who are serious about taking their business to the next level, can absorb your bona fide expertise before applying that knowledge out in the real world.

What Mentors Aren’t:

Mentors are not helping entrepreneurs grow their business by making all their decisions for them. Experts, even those in the legal and tax fields, cannot offer legal or tax advice. Nevertheless, these professionals can offer guidance so that entrepreneurs better understand how to make business decisions on their own. As a Business Mentor, you are sharing your expertise, not doing the work for others.

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