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WE THINK BUSINESS OWNERS ARE VITAL TO OUR COMMUNITY. Starting your own business and growing an existing business can be challenging. Knowing what crucial pitfalls to avoid as an entrepreneur takes hard work. At KITE, we're simplifying the process by creating and sharing the resources you need to answer your questions and solve your problems throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Exploring Business Ideas

Exploring business ideas is exciting. But taking those ideas and turning them into a profitable business isn't always easy. At KITE, we're determined to help you streamline your entrepreneurial journey by creating one of the most vital resource lists to help you turn your ideas into a successful business.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Launching Your Business

If you’ve turned your idea into a dynamic business plan, you may be asking yourself, “Now, how can I launch my business?” By joining our entrepreneurial network on the Startup Space app, you’ll gain valuable tips that will help take your plan from a helpful guide to a successful launch.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Expanding Your Business

While scaling your business to meet today's demands is challenging, registering through our entrepreneurial ecosystem is easy. By joining our network on the Startup Space app, you’ll gain countless resources that will help take your business to the next level.


Our focus this year is driving impact through community. These stories range from someone who dedicates their time to supporting Kern founders through servant leadership; to a small business owner who sought to increase the value of their business through KITE’s educational webinars; to someone who gained valuable resources from KITE’s Resource Compass. Help us write Kern County’s entrepreneurial story, and be the voice reaching out to fellow founders.

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Kite facilitates incredibly important conversations for Kern County, and we’re honored to be a part of the discussion.

Justin Powers
Kernville Cowork

I had the pleasure of participating in KITE’s Virtual Round Table – Business Planning: Guiding Your Growth. This was the most valuable 75 minutes I have ever spent learning about guiding the growth of my small business. Thank you for sharing candid problems, addressing excuses, providing tools to hone in on my goals, and sharing strategies for my vision!

Owner, Bakersfield Locksmith

Join An Event

Want to present your ideas to professionals in your industry or gain valuable feedback from experienced business leaders? Get one-on-one advice and insights from Mentors in your community as you explore and troubleshoot business ideas together. You can look through our Events calendar to find an event near you, or join our Startup Space app to get notified about future events.

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Access tools, guidance, and industry-specific resources throughout your entrepreneurial journey by downloading the Startup Space app and joining the KITE network.

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Don’t forget to check out the KITE podcast to hear John Paul Lake, Co-Founder of KITE, and Sherod Waite from Moneywise, share insights from entrepreneurs along with business tips on how to sustain a successful company.

Justin Salters


019 – The KITE Podcast with Justin Salters

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